Handpicked by Gordon Raphael (the Strokes, Regina Spektor), praised and encouraged by Sir Paul McCartney (the Beatles), and mentored by David Cross, (King Crimson's violinist); Paul D McDowell is a music artist, singer-songwriter-guitarist, performing artist, music producer, composer, guitar tutor and visual-artist. Born in Liverpool, UK, Paul is currently living and making music in Perth, Australia. He has released four original solo albums. His last two albums were both written and recorded in Perth. Paul D McDowell’s newest album is called ‘Oceans in a Droplet’, from which there are three accompanying music videos for singles ‘Blissed Out’, ‘The Root’ and ‘Love Your Love’.

Specialising in fingerstyle and contemporary progressive percussive guitar, Paul’s music is inspired by folk, blues, jazz, rock and classical styles, as well as cathartic shamanic ritual and transcendent spiritual healing with a focus on relieving suffering and attaining balance through improvisation, chance, personal life experience and self expression. Paul D McDowell conjures up a symbiotic trance with guitars, vocals and percussion through his live performances and album releases. Paul D McDowell's wish is to create transcendentally timeless tunes, musically reflecting the gift of now as an eternally shimmering present.

In his live solo show, Paul performs with guitar and voice and his homemade foot stomper recycled from an old chess / backgammon board. He has also recently been joined on stage by Perth artist Michelle Gemina on drums. 

Paul has been creating experimental fusions of acoustic-progressive-psychedelic-folk-jazz-blues-rock splashed with poetic lyrics for the past decade. He has toured around the UK and Europe, gaining radio airplay from Liverpool to Berlin to Seattle and more recently across the community radio stations of Australia.. Following the release of his 2016 album 'Time Fantasy Dream Reality' Paul took his music to regional parts of Western Australia from Perth to Esperance. Now with the recent release of his album ‘Oceans in a Droplet’, Paul will be touring his new material around Western Australia in spring 2019. He hopes one day to tour his music around regional, coastal and urban parts of the whole continent of Australia. 

Paul D McDowell is currently working on his fifth album which is due to be released in 2020.

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