1. Blissed Out

From the recording Oceans in a Droplet

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Blissed Out

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Green blades of grass cut the vast, expansive desert
Carving life's delight in death's despite
As weeds tumble, seasonless

Let it guide me home
With the Sun beaming on my face
And I'm breathing in the moment Now
As we stumble in this place
For the beauty in this place

Oh black dog, you've been following me around for years
Always fooling me and you've been the cause of many tears

I'm chaining you to the ground tonight.
I'm taming you all the way and I won't change my mind.

Blissed out on the beach with a smile beaming on my face
Always dreaming in the moment Now
With the beauty in this place
We're the beauty in this place
Oh the beauty in this place
Where's the beauty in this place?