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I am a Liverpool born Music Artist living in Perth, Australia.

I dedicate most of my life to writing songs, recording and making music, videos and art. 

I am usually likely to be found plucking guitar strings and singing somewhere. Maybe on a beach with my fluffy dog Baxter. He is so wise, like a miniature Buddha covered in hair. 

I've self-released four solo albums and one EP over the past twenty years; and am currently working hard on my fifth studio album. 

I find music to be very cathartic and healing - a good way to express emotions and thoughts; and I love how it connects people from all walks and places of life. I've been fortunate enough to have toured my music across the UK, parts of Europe and Western Australia. My songs have been played on radio in these places and in the USA on a Seattle radio station (thanks to Gordon Raphael). 

Discovered by Gordon (producer to the Strokes and Regina Spektor) at one of my solo gigs in Berlin, I have also had the good luck to be mentored by some amazing people over my life; including David Cross (violinist of King Crimson). I once even played my music to fellow scouser Paul McCartney (The Beatles), who encouraged me to keep on rocking. Maybe I misheard him though. He might have just told me to rock on

I've also shared a bunch of stages with a whole heap of amazing and talented musicians over the years, supporting bands and artists from all over the place. I think I've named enough names though. Too many maybe.

I've been making music since I was a kid and find it's a never-ending well of creativity that keeps flowing and overflowing. Hopefully this new album will be released one day soon - at least before I reach 90 years old; and Glastonbury festival will invite me to headline their festival before I shift off of this mortal coil. That's the plan anyway.

Til then, I guess I'll keep on rocking, and Baxter and I both reckon that you should too… 

Rock on!