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I am a songwriter from Perth. Handpicked by Gordon Raphael (the Strokes, Regina Spektor), praised and encouraged by Sir Paul McCartney (the Beatles), and mentored by David Cross, (King Crimson's violinist); I have been writing songs as far back as I can remember. 


Born in Liverpool, & having toured my original music around the UK, Europe and across parts of Western Australia; I am currently living and creating in Western Australia. Likely to be found on a beach somewhere, songwriting or recording in the studio; or occasionally plucking guitar, singing and rocking out on a dimly lit stage.


I have released four original solo albums, and two EPs, getting radio airplay in Liverpool, Seattle, Berlin, London and Australia.


From looking up at the Sapphiric heavens to personal life experiences, meditating on what it is I feel and think as well as the colours that you see in your mind; my music stems from personal life experience, nature, stillness, meditation, chaos, saturnine and self expression/denial. I aspire to artistically create transcendentally timeless tunes, poetically reflecting on the gift of now as an eternally shimmering present, with the odd glass shattering moment.


In my live performances I sing and play solo with guitar; and sometimes with a bunch of other instruments including a foot stomper, harmonicas, a loop pedal, percussion, keyboards and sometimes other human skeletons covered in living flesh too.  


It has been said that I was carved out of a combination of Milo and Angel Delight in 207 B.C. but I think that's just nonsense.


Thanks for reading.